Friday, September 20, 2013

Five Minute Friday: She

It is Five Minute Friday and the birds are chirping away in the still utter darkness. But this Five Minute Friday just couldn't wait for the sunshine. If you are joining us for the first time, Five Minute Friday is a staple around these parts.

It's simple. You head over to Lisa-Jo Baker's blog and read the word for this Friday. (Today: She.) Write on the word for 5 minutes, no editing or going back. Just brave and crazy writing. You link your post to hers and get busy reading and sharing the love with all the other brave and crazy writers who also joined in. (To give you an idea, it's 6:36 and there are already 119 other people linked in.)



I used to be jealous of her. At least I think I did. Maybe. It's been so long and we are so close in heart, though far in footsteps.

If you'd ask her what she thought of herself, I'm not sure what she'd say, but I could tell you what I tell everyone about my little sister: she's awesome. Amazing.

Our meetings happen by strict planning and plane tickets. By 18 hour road trips straight up and down. She's a Southern Belle. I'm a Midwest Mom. And when I happen to cruise down in my minivan with my super-husband and four little... super... kids... after days of driving, I meet up with new faces around her town and meet her friends, and they find out who I am (no longer defined as Pastor's wife, so-and-so's mom, I am now "Sarah's sister."), and they have to tell me about her.

She is amazing.
She is so good.
She loves her students.
She works her butt off.
She is so excited you are here.
She just cooked the most amazing...
She is a beast! (at CrossFit that is a compliment;))
She played a great game last night.

And I don't know when it happened, but somewhere along the way all those things that would have struck me jealous pierce my heart instead with pride. Because that is my sister.

 It's faces like ours that make Jumbo-trons around the nation.