Friday, September 6, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Red

I'm back and it's time for the first Five Minute Friday of the school year! It feels really good to write this again. I hope it feels equally good (or better) to read it! Come join us too, if you'd like:)

The rules of Five Minute Friday- you write for five minutes, no editing, no nothin'. Just look at the prompt and get to work and let it work. Today's prompt: Red.


It comes to us in greens and reds. The Giving Season.

It comes to us as Christmas in August, and while the gifts abound in the greens of zucchini and the reds of tomatoes, packages of squash wrapped in plastic shopping bags, the reason for the giving is the same.

Jesus is the reason for every season.

And the neighbor across the street knows abundance when he sees it and loads us down with a couple dozen of his ripest tomatoes and the ache in my heart is awakened. Because the abundance I should be sharing with him I am leaving behind the four walls of the church next door.

The church across the street from this kind neighbor who pets my dog, and shares his food, and strikes up conversation.

Red is giving. To look at what we have and say, "You know, this is really too much. We can't possibly use it all, " and just give it away- like we are supposed to- it sets our hearts ablaze with the love and generosity of our very Father.

To view all my belongings and all the grace in the light of a tomato and say,

"It is more than enough."

That is a gift I sure could use today.