Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Here

It's Five Minute Friday time here in these parts again. The weekly moment where I write for five minutes without editing on a prompt from the lovely Lisa-Jo Baker. And while the writing is fun, the reading is even better. Women across the globe turn their screens into inkpads and scroll their words across them just to see how unique their fingerprints really are. And they are so unique. It's a blast. Come join us.

But for now. Today's prompt. Here.


"Here. Take it."

Here isn't a place. Here is an offer.

"Here. It's for you."

Here is His offer to me.

"Take it. Take the toys on the shower floor. Take the toothpaste dried on his t-shirt. Take the tangles in the hair. The morning breath. The screams, cries, and stubborn stomps. Take them. The incessant barking. The poop on the bathroom floor. The loads of laundry. The dishes in the sink. Here, take the friends on facebook. Take the quiet moments in prayer. Take them. They are for you."

"Here. Take my body. Take my blood. Take me."

Here isn't a place. It's a gift. And who am I to refuse the Giver?

I echo Job in my soul. Should I not accept the good and the bad?

And is the bad really bad, or is it just viewed that way through fallen, too often ungrateful, eyes?

Here. He is here.

This is where He deigns to dwell.