Friday, January 3, 2014

Five-Minute Fearless Friday: Fight

Fridays are Fearless days. Days to celebrate those who encourage me with their fearless moments. Days to reflect on the moments of the week that remind us why we need not fear.

Today's day of fearlessness also correlates well with the Five Minute Friday prompt: Fight. So I'm linking up again over at Lisa-Jo Baker's place to join some marvelous writers in five minutes of hard writing. At least I'll try to stick to five minutes. I tend to get carried away... No editing or going back. Just writing. Click on the button on the right and join us!


"I used to think God guided us by opening and closing doors, but now I know sometimes God wants us to kick some doors down." Bob Goff, Love Does

I'm starting to wish I could get more uncomfortable. Maybe it's because of books like Bob Goff's "Love Does" or Vince Antonucci's "Renegade." Maybe it is reading the Gospels and seeing just how uncomfortable Jesus made the religious folk and how comforting He was to the pariahs.

Maybe it's because I've realized that the light of Christ is to illuminate the darkness- meaning it has to go out and find the darkness. Maybe it's because none of my excuses for keeping Jesus hidden are legitimate because they all have to do with me- not Jesus. And when I ascribe any power to myself, fear creeps in.

Maybe it's because God promised a big family to a barren couple.

Maybe it's because God promised to crumble the walls of the most fortified city of the ancient world with just a few blasts of the brass.

Maybe it's because a virgin had a baby.

God delievered. Again. And again. And again.

He delivers every day of my life.

It's kind of addicting.

It makes me want to fight on God's side. It makes me want to see just how big His work becomes in the hands of the frail and feeble me, not for my glory, but for His. And for the sake of those lives, many or few, public or private, who come to faith.

God bless you, warriors of Love. Let's fight the good fight of faith and receive the crown He promised. Because our God always delivers and always wins.



Not sure how long that actually took. Kids=blessed interruptions:)