Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Share the Love Tuesday

One of the most fabulous things about writing about God is His boundlessness. That's a word, right? He is absolutely everywhere! Yesterday, a friend of mine told me that one of her absolute favorite things about God is just how big He is. We try to box Him up and stick Him in our pocket, understand everything about Him, but He's just soooo big! Big enough that it will take all eternity to get to know Him! That's something worth looking forward to, and about the only thing that makes me really happy on this sore-throat, phlegmy day.

There are two women I've read and conversed with lately (via blogs and Facebook) who get this. And that is something worth sharing. So today I'm giving them a shout out for their support, their perseverance, their voices, and their hearts for God. Check them out and be blessed!

Rebekah is over at Three Bees in a Blue Bonnet. She is honest and feisty. Her transparency makes you laugh and think. She has a gift for putting you right into her situation and changing your perspective, and she has a depth of faith that comes with working through struggles and finding refuge in God alone.

You've seen links to Beth's blog around here about once a week for a while now. At Simply Beth she not only hosts Three Word Wednesday, but she also provides encouraging and inspiring insights into the character and love of our great God. Her husband leaves for his first deployment very soon as well, so please keep her family in your prayers during this time of waiting and change.

I hope to be able to take this kind of time more often- the kind that shares the love with other gifted and Christ-centered writers. When we come together to uplift and encourage one another, there is such blessing in that!