Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I Check Jesus

The worship service was awesome, in case you were wondering. I sure do hope you aren't tired of reading the disastrous exploits of a young family in church, because I can tell you there is more where this came from.
The boy displayed near-OCD tendencies, adjusting of his mohawk while sitting in the front of the church- kneeling tall, facing backward on the pew to survey the crowd during the sermon.
The three year old was relentless, producing uncontrollable and inexplicable sobs throughout the service- the full realization of their origin not occurring until 15 minutes after we arrived home- whence she fell asleep.

So I quit my job as soon as I got home. It happens sometimes. I tell my husband that his kids annoy me, and then I take a breath before heading back out into the fray.

I meandered out of our bedroom, embraced by exhaustion and insanity, and then Scott mentioned his amusing exchange with our son.
It seems that while Scott was opening up the floor to any other announcements after church, our darling boy asked him to announce that there was a new sign up sheet in the back of the church. "For who you like better- Jesus or the devil."
"Yeah. I don't think so, Bud."
I asked our son if there was indeed that sign up in the back of the church. He confirmed it and went to fetch it for me. (There- it is recorded. He listened and obeyed. Remind me of this in the future, please.)
Scrawled in kindergarten handwriting on a communion card were his words (which I shall translate into modern English for you): "The wan (one) you lik (like) more. Check one. (I think.) Devil / Jesus."
Reasons for praise carried from the sanctuary to the kitchen.
I laughed and lauded. Then I asked, "Which one would you check?"
"Mom, I checked Jesus!"
Then from the oldest girl in the living room, "I check Jesus!"
And the three year old, "I check Jesus!"

They spoke the name of the devil with no fear. And the name of the Savior with no hesitation.
The name that is above every name, spoken by the young, the weak, the unruly. And how that must please Him.
Because they were borne of His will, not mine. And the hoodlums that send me to my room crying for just a bit of peace, are full of the life that He gave them. In the kitchen last Sunday, they spoke the name of their most important family member as though He was right there.
Out of the chaos a simple sentence, and the rest just melted away.
"I check Jesus!"
In the face of all the mountains of chores, deadlines, relationships, may I remember to Whom I belong. I am His and He is mine. You are in charge, Lord. I check Jesus.
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