Friday, March 1, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

It's Five Minute Friday again, courtesy of the gypsy mama, Lisa-Jo Baker.

Writing about a prompt for 5 minutes flat- no editing, no revising. Just writing.


Today's prompt: Ordinary

... or Memoirs of a Former Diva

I wonder how many women will write about this... our glory days.

I'm about 10 years removed from the pinnacle of my glory days. When people wanted me, and not just to change or feed or play with them. Back in the days where I didn't really care if they knew who I was, as long as they knew who I was. And of course it was all done in the name of Jesus Christ, but didn't it feel goooood to be wanted? To be known. Even to be... envied.

And in the past ten years it's been a constant battle. Spiritual exfoliating as God scrapes layer after layer of ego off this poor, bedraggled, ordinary mom. People don't know who I was then. In the time that I jokingly (half) refer to as "back when I was awesome".

I am defined by my constant connection with the family around me. __________ mom. The "pastor's wife". And most days it doesn't bother me.

Only recently I was jarred from my contentment with a poignant reminder of the spotlight. I was called upon to perform. To be awesome once again. And to be honest, it really would be awesome. Just not possible.

I thought at first it was a messenger of Satan reminding me of who I once was, but now I'm not so sure. Because in the days since the invitation, I have been repeatedly reminded that God called me to something else. Something better. I'm not just a sack of potential flushed down the toilet of ordinary. I'm a mom, a  wife, a sheep.

And if there isn't anything more ordinary than a sheep. Don't they all look alike? Not to the Shepherd.

The manger. That was ordinary. But its value was based on the God it held within. God chooses the ordinary to make known the extraordinary, Himself.

And isn't it all about Him, after all?