Friday, March 8, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Home

Five Minute Friday here! And the Gypsy Mama had a new prompt for us writers this morning. Written in 5 minutes flat. Here goes...



Ooooooo this should be interesting! You see, I do this for a living.

I'm a homemaker.

You can believe me- I have the unused college degree and scribbled walls to prove it.

I would LOVE to peak into the mind-windows of those who hear the word "homemaker." Would it jibe with the word "home"? I wonder.

And what if making homes, not houses, was considered a real "occupation." I think people out there try to accomplish that- and they sure do make some good looking "homes." All color coordinated and organized and a place for everything and everything in its place. Amazing.

I can see it- people call 1-800-DRS-HOME and a well trained team of professional homemakers dispatches an expert to the house of a frazzled working suburban couple. They sweep in and with all the grace of Mary Poppins, sing a song as the dishes are again stacked neatly ("Darling, how can a home be a safe place when your child can't reach for a cereal bowl without the threat of a concussion?"), and the toys whisk away to their respective toy bins. Ahh.

Or how about I take a lesson from the Master Homemaker. After all, He made this home once- perfectly. And when the key element of home flew out the window, relationship, He prepared us another one.

Grace, that's what makes even this decaying tent feel like a home, not so that I can get comfortable, but so that I can see my relationship with Him shine through even my darkest days. Hope. Love. Peace. Joy. That's what makes a building into a home. Jesus. And each day I get to anticipate my true Home again.


And I feel I should note that in 5 minutes I wrote this little doozy in 4 different places. Because moms get followed and their brains have a hard time making the journey to blogging land with little voices clambering into the luggage...