Friday, February 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday: What Mama Did

For the past week, Lisa- Jo Baker and friends have chronicled the things that "mama did" in the hopes that all their readers would feel the love they felt, and reflect on how their own children will see them someday. What will they remember?

Thanks to her Five Minute Friday, I now have the same opportunity. Bear with me. I'm still learning how to just write, without overthinking it all. But that's why they call these things "exercises".

 "What Mama Did: Her Courage" in five minutes flat.


By the time my mama became my mama, she had endured hardships far beyond anything I have encountered. And she was the better for it. It was as if each trial was another stone added to the altar of faith the Lord was building in her- to give Him glory.
She was a Navy wife. My father was an amazing officer in the United States Navy, and spent months upon months at sea when correspondance was limited. In those months, she was a single mom, but that was ok.
I know she had moments of insanity- that's just motherhood in a fallen, exhausting world.
But she had an adventurous spirit. Moving again? Another three years? Trips to the E.R. Another baby. No Dad for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas.
I never knew it bothered her.
She was and is an adventurer.
I assume it made it easier that she was the friendliest person I've met. I'm sure every bagger in Alabama knows the ins and outs of her children's lives. She always had friends.
When we moved every few years we had tears, for a while. But we were going on an adventure. Always an adventure. New schools, new friends, how could we not be excited?
She is an exciting woman, my mother. Friendly, Adventurous, Sacrificing. A glimpse of the Savior in a child's crazy life.