Thursday, February 14, 2013

First Five Minute Friday

So, it's Friday. Day 3. Ok, technically it's still Thursday Day 2, but it's 11:31p.m. CST and that's close enough to do this post. It's a short exercise to warm up the muscles that don't feel like sleeping, like my brain for instance. You check out a fun blog to find the prompt and write for 5 minutes flat about whatever she puts up there (no tweaking, no editing, just write for heaven's sake)- a nice way to end the week and get the brain working for when I come back to this on Monday.

It's Five Minute Friday and Lisa-Jo's prompt: Beloved.

Did she read my mind?

I'm the one You love.
I'm the one You love.
That will be enough.
I'm the one You love.

My anthem sung by Jason Gray.

Four kids, a trail mix of duties and diagnoses, and sometimes I need Him to tell me once again who I am... to Him.

I stared, gazed even, lovingly at my son tonight. Doing what preschoolers do. Taking me to stations in his classroom where he linked plastic links and used cookie cutters on playdough and matched numbers with dots and just did all those things preschoolers do and he was so proud.

And I was so proud.

And I turned into one of those parents I never could understand, who gushes over their child being able to do the simplest and most mundane of tasks, and I saw Him in him.

I could hear it. That's how I feel about you.

God places a joy and pride and welling-up in us at the accomplishments of those we hold most dear because that is an extension of Him.

That pride and love that can't be restrained. So much so that it spills forth into every moment of our day- His love.

Not because I am so great at my tasks. Not because I do something spectacular that simply no one else can do. Simply because I am His.

And He shows me this and I am to convey in 5 minutes what will take an eternity to grasp and soak in.