Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Break

My husband is pacing through the house, scouring the scene of our house in search of any rogue items meant to accompany us to Minnesota, Wisconsin, and/or Michigan. And I'm sure wondering what on earth I am doing blogging so close to the end of our countdown to liftoff.

This is summer. Here. All trips either pursuing extended family togetherness, or Christian family togetherness.

Work has picked up as well, what with all the kids. And since not serving two masters is a good rule of thumb (not to mention just the way things are) I am torn between two choices really. Blogosphere and here-osphere. Both require creativity, inspire faith, and provide encouragement, but the truth is I really need to be present here. I'm not a fan of the "me" that shows up every time I find myself deep in blog- I'm oblivious. I snap. Seriously, my husband just told me something as he ran out of the house and I have no idea what he said. That's just how it goes.

Plus, when I am rushed and reaching it makes for some pretty bad writing and I'm not going to waste our time.

I hope to write throughout the summer, then refine and edit and simmer in it over the next two months until I start posting again at the end of August/beginning of September. Really, this just seems wise and fair all around.

I hope you will come back and visit. Until then- pray for our family. I will be praying for yours.

You will be in my heart,